Tackling the digital divide.

Verizon Innovative Learning

Verizon Innovative Learning Stories

Verizon Innovative Learning Stories

Verizon’s approach to tackling the digital divide is fundamentally different, rooted in a commitment of time, over time. And for the past 10 years, Verizon has shown that commitment in many ways, including the Verizon Innovative Learning (VIL) program, which has helped over one million students. To honor the program, and those students, we came together with Verizon to tell their stories. 

From the very beginning, Verizon created VIL HQ to accelerate their mission, reach more students, and help close the digital divide for good. All with a goal of reaching 10 million youth by 2030. VIL HQ is a free, next-gen K-12 education portal that provides access to the latest in AR and VR education materials, customizable lesson plans, and more.

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Over a million true stories. Here are four.

This year, to see the impact of Verizon Innovative Learning firsthand, we worked together with Verizon to find four students who participated in the program to share stories of the very real ways it impacted their lives—Minu was just 13 when she discovered her love of STEM. Now she’s paving the way for more girls to follow in her footsteps. Christopher tapped into his love of creating things, manifesting a one-of-a-kind legacy as an aspiring engineer. In Compton, William learned how to use his knowledge of technology for good, and found his voice along the way, going from student to community activist. And the program allowed Giovanni to explore music, film and production like never before, going from student to content creator.

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The Results

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