J Balvin tests the power of the Verizon network during Univision’s Super Bowl LVIII broadcast

Fans that engage with the phone number shared in the ad get real-time responses from Balvin-inspired AI

Not even J Balvin can break Verizon.

Not Even J Balvin Can Break Verizon

The latest collaboration between Verizon and global superstar J Balvin was unveiled during the Spanish-language broadcast of Super Bowl LVIII on Univision, demonstrating the strength of the Verizon network that keeps customers connected – at home and on the go. 

Building on a partnership that began in September, Balvin starred in :60 and :30 second versions of the Verizon ad as part of an integrated campaign. The ads ran during the third quarter of the game. 

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“The Super Bowl broadcast on Univision is a great opportunity for us Latinos – it’s a bridge to connect and celebrate our culture, diversity and shared experiences. My new commercial and collaboration with Verizon is more than just a message. It’s a reminder that no matter where we are, we’re always connected." — J Balvin

The AI

The Super Bowl ad centers around a “leak” of J Balvin’s phone number. As he’s bombarded with texts, photos, and video messages, the Verizon network doesn’t miss a beat. 

Fans who engage with the phone number will get real-time responses that authentically reflect Balvin’s voice, but are in fact from a well-trained AI. Whether in English or Spanish, WhatsApp or SMS, text or video, fans will feel as if they’re exchanging messages with Balvin himself. The experience will be available for a limited time post-broadcast.  

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