Our culture

We're creative, we're diverse, and we're ever-changing.

Our Culture

It’s all about community, and specifically, our community. Great ideas guide us, but being great humans come first. We’re creators. We’re thinkers and dreamers, cut from the cloth of curiosity. We come from everywhere. Together we debate, we craft, we laugh, we bring unique perspectives and strong ideas to life.

Life at the community

Our people are passionate. Creative. Smart. Fun. They make this place what it is, and we’re so grateful they’re here. From celebrating our annual F*ck Work Day extravaganza to taking time for themselves with our Head of Mindfulness, our community is full of special people, and these are some of the ways we try to make this place special for them.

Yoga. That’s relaxing. Yoga on a rooftop? That's the community.

F*ck Work Day is our annual event celebrating the fine art of not working.

When we can't gather together, we gather on... Gather. It's our virtual office where we get together, just like the good old days.

Empanada Truck. Ice Cream Truck. Taco Truck. (Not in that order).

Looking to get out of your head and into your heart? Perfect, us too. And you’ll get it with our Head of Mindfulness.

A good morning starts with a freshly squeezed shot in our Wotel juice bar.

We love dogs. It’s that simple. Bring them to our offices in Miami or Buenos Aires whenever you like.

La Comu house—a tropical, creative oasis where we get together to work and celebrate. It’s stocked with snacks, great wifi, and the occasional iguana visitor.

Our Thinking

Everything in our industry moves quickly. There’s always more to be done. We can go as fast as great work, and great ideas, demand. But at the end of the day, it’s what we put into the world that matters. It’s our point of view and our ideas. See below to learn more about what we think.

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June 30, 2021

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Our friends call us la comu, and the people who work here are lovingly called communitarians. Here are some quotes from our very own.

"What bonds us as a community is that even if we don’t know how to do it, and even when the result is not what we expected, we care about it and we work to make the best work possible always."

Sol Blanco

“No two communitarians are the same, but communitarians, who are unique in their own ways, with different colors, sizes, directions, and ideas, will shape the community. We’re connected every day, every second in different ways. Together, we are more than dots on a map, we paint a picture and tell the story of our community.”

Farnoush Feilizadeh

“The community wouldn’t be what it is without the people in it working together every day. It is by embracing and celebrating our differences that we can become one and make a difference out there.”

Sergio Skarek