Pulse Capsule Vol. 8

December 6, 2021

December is here, and before diving into the holidays, we’re taking one final look at interesting stories in culture, all from the POV of our strategy team. 

Here’s a highlight of the stories from the last month that caught our attention— 

The (Digital) Renaissance 

Social media is often considered a young person's game but many in the Silent Generation are embracing their online presence, giving them a level of social freedom and independence they never expected. Older generations are embracing the power of connecting with others and harnessing these platforms to reconnect with passions -- old and new. While brands tend to focus on younger generations when building digital efforts, it might be time for a campaign that acknowledges this unique cohort and their fresh enthusiasm for engaging online. Read more from WIRED, here

When cartoons are more “real” than real people

Animation has seemingly become the go-to medium for Latinx stories. From "Coco" to "Vivo" to the upcoming "Encanto," these films are doing a pretty good job at creating narratives and aesthetics that are well rooted in distinct Latinx cultures and characters that are more complex and nuanced than past portrayals. That said, we can't help but wonder where the live-action films that do the same thing are. Is it that the stakes are lower when telling these stories through the lens of animated fantasy? Read more from The New York Times, here

J Balvin, I choose you!

J Balvin is dropping a brand new video, this time with an unexpected feature: Pikachu. To celebrate its 25th anniversary, the media behemoth has made J Balvin an official Pokémon trainer, with his own trading card and Pokémon-packed music video. Here's a great example of a brand that understands Latinxs aren't defined solely by their Latinxness. As we strive to create more multidimensional multicultural work, how can we best showcase the unique presence Latinxs have in mass subcultures? Read more from Kotaku, here

And that’s our last round up of the year, thanks for stopping by. As a reminder, these are just a highlight reel of the stories we share in client newsletters every month. 

Happy December, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, Happy Happy! We’ll see you next year for more culturally driven trends and perspectives.