Pulse Capsule Vol. 7

November 3, 2021

What do a cultural resurgence, Beethoven, and weaponized incompetence have in common? They’re all topics within our October Pulse Capsule, a curated collection of interesting articles from the POV of our strategy team. 

Here are some of the stories from the last month— 

Rediscovering your (racial) Identity

With the US census results pouring in, it looks like Puerto Ricans are reconsidering their views on race. The number of people who identified as 'white alone' dropped 80%, while the number who checked 'two or more races" jumped from 3% in 2010, all the way to 50% in 2020. This comes amid a cultural resurgence amongst the younger generations to connect with their racial identity. More young people are signing up for classes on bomba and plena - centuries-old, percussion-powered musical traditions - as well as workshops specializing in crafting head wraps. With the Latinx community's views on their identity evolving rapidly, are brands ready to keep pace? Read more from NBC News, here

The Classics Go AI

AI is taking over much of our present day, and it's almost inevitable that much of our futures will be handled by it as well. But what is surprising is that now our past is being impacted by it as well. Unfinished masterpieces are now no longer lost to time. Beethoven is the first to have his work completed by AI and a team of scientists, but we're sure he won't be the last. As there are continuous advancements in technology, how can we use these innovations to help mend our history to improve our futures? Read more from The Conversation, here

We’ll Just Do It, It’s [Not] Fine

What happens when social media trends start becoming more like social commentary than just a silly dance? Our "For You" pages have become inundated with examples of people's experience with weaponized incompetence. Have you ever felt the need to do something yourself because "it's just easier"? For some, this seems to be more of the norm than not. As we see trends like this and the conversations of workplace equality continue to be top of mind, we need to make sure we're not letting people take on what others promised and passed off. How can we keep our workstreams and responsibilities fair and conducive to individual and collective growth? Read more from Refinery29, here


As a reminder, these are just a highlight reel of the stories we share in client newsletters throughout the month. 

We’ll see you in December for more culturally driven trends and perspectives. Thanks for stopping by!