Pulse Capsule Vol. 6

October 5, 2021

This month in our culturally curated capsule chronicles (aka Pulse Capsule), we dive into pandemic brain fog, inside-joke branding, and Latinx-influenced cultural expressions coming to new places.

Here are some of the stories that caught our eye in September:

What’s that brand again?

It seems like that brain fog you've been feeling is just another side-effect of our little uninvited friend that doesn't want to leave the party. So while you're in your next meeting, working on that award-winning tagline, or writing a witty blurb about current trends and can't seem to remember the perfect transition word - know you're not alone. But as marketers, we need to be one step ahead to ensure our brands don't become lost in the brain fog. So how can we ensure that our brands and products are so top of mind that not even pandemic brain can get us? Read more from Bustle, here.

The “If you know, you know” streetwear brand

​​​​Most people walking by an OXXO (a popular Mexican convenience store) in New York, probably wouldn't think much of it, and that's exactly what the Paisaboys brand is betting on. By creating pop-up shops based on familiar convenience stores and bars over the border, the streetwear brand is built to be an inside joke. Designed to be highly specific and relatable for Mexicans that make you feel like you're on the inside track. If we want to make authenticity more than a buzzword, should hyper-focused efforts like this one become a must, rather than a nice-to-have? Read more from The Los Angeles Times, here.

Latinxs leave the cities for the prairies

When you think of Dominican barbershops, you don't think of Nashua, New Hampshire. But it might be time to check our preconceptions. Since 2010, states whose Latinx population was less than 1% have seen an increase of up to 148% in these communities. Should brands be monitoring more closely the unique, Latinx-influenced cultural expressions coming out of these places? Peruvian lobster bisque anyone? Read more from NBC News, here.


Curated through the POV of our strategy team, these are just a highlight reel of the stories we share in client newsletters throughout the month.

And with that, another Pulse Capsule comes to an end. Thanks for keeping up with us this month, and we’ll see you next month for more culturally driven trends and perspectives.