Pulse Capsule Vol. 4

August 4, 2021

It’s already August, and with a new month comes another Pulse Capsule. This month, we cover stories inspired by tweets, the phases of disruption, and a bilingual children’s publisher that’s changing the game. To catch you up, Pulse Capsule is a curated snapshot of interesting stories in culture from the previous month that are driving conversations, making waves or changing perspectives, all through the POV of our strategy team. What you see here is a highlight reel of stories we share in client newsletters sent throughout the month. 

Let’s jump into the July highlights—

Lights, Camera, Tweet

Back in the day, when Twitter capped our creativity at 140 characters, there was an epic thread that captivated millions. It is now coming to a theater near you. As we get to a time where the internet is providing the inspiration for other, older mediums, social media has remained uncharted territory. Will this thread turned movie be the first of many "inspired by true tweets" films to come? Should we start looking at the stories "hidden" in posts, tweets, and DMs for our next campaign inspiration? Read more from Variety, here

When Disruption Gets Left Behind

Culture has been steadily shifting to a more transparent place, and every other day we look at people and brands we once looked up to and start to see cracks in their armor. We've praised the disrupter brand. We may even try to emulate them for coming and shaking up traditional "old school" industries, but could this be short-sighted? It seems many often get comfortable and, in a few years, regress. As our culture shifts, we see that disrupting industries isn't enough. It's time we all stop trying to be the next Uber, TikTok, or even Kim Kardashian. In this fast-paced world, where even disruption gets old quickly, how is your brand planning for what comes after? Read more from Texas Monthly, here

Lil’ Libros to the Moon!

Investing in startups has mostly been out of the reach of minority groups, due in part to laws allowing only people with significant capital to do so. But with recent changes in these laws, the popular LatinX children's book publisher Lil' Libros has stepped up to create a model that helps their community invest in them. This move opened the floodgates, raising $2 million in less than a week. With minority consumers hungry to invest in their community's small businesses, what can brands do to facilitate this relationship without co-opting it? Read more from BeLatina, here

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